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The “Recognizing American Children” Act Offers Citizenship to Deserving Young Immigrants

WASHINGTON, DCJune 21, 2016. Today, Republican Congressmen Carlos Curbelo (FL­-26) and Mike Coffman (CO-6) introduced the Recognizing American Children (RAC) Act of 2016 (H.R. 5533), which would provide an opportunity for immigrants who were brought to the United States as children to obtain legal residency.

The RAC Act would allow those immigrants who serve in the military, graduate college, or work legally to stay in the United States and ultimately be eligible for citizenship. The Niskanen Center has urged members to support such legislation and applauds Representatives Curbelo and Coffman for moving the immigration debate in a productive direction.

“As a result of our outdated immigration laws, the United States is wasting the talents of many young immigrants by not fully incorporating them as American citizens,” said David Bier, Niskanen’s director of immigration policy.

“The RAC Act would update our laws and unleash the creativity, ingenuity, and productivity of these aspiring Americans. Young immigrants from around the country should be recognized for their contributions to our country, and this bill does just that,” Bier continued.

The Niskanen Center looks forward to working with members of Congress to continue promoting sensible, legal reforms to improve the American immigration system.

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Post was updated to reflect that the bill is not limited to those without authorization.