From Old Bull TV: “This week, Rachel’s joined by the Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson to examine how the Republican Party has consistently out-campaigned Democrats, notching win after win even states where they’re heavily outnumbered (looking at you, Florida). Can Rick and his elite crew of former GOP heavyweights use the party’s devastatingly effective playbook against it in their 2020 messaging? And which party is best positioned to win the vote-by-mail war? Plus, Rachel briefs you on a key rating change in her Electoral College map and answers a whole bunch of viewer questions!”

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Dr. Bitecofer now brings her analysis to life every week via The Election Whisperer, which she describes as “election nerd Disneyland for wonks with a good sense of humor.” Available in both podcast and video format, the show goes deep into the news and the mechanics of forecasting and has featured guests from former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke to Republican strategist Rick Wilson.

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