Get under the hood of politics and see how elections really run in a new weekly series produced by Old Bull TV, and hosted by Niskanen’s Dr. Rachel Bitecofer.

As Old Bull TV explains, “Dr. Bitecofer is not your average election forecaster. She pioneered the innovative “negative partisanship” turnout-driven forecasting model, predicting the 2018 midterms more accurately and far earlier than other forecasters.”

Dr. Bitecofer now brings her analysis to life every week via The Election Whisperer, which she describes as “election nerd Disneyland for wonks with a good sense of humor.” Available in both podcast and video format, the show goes deep into the news and the mechanics of forecasting and has featured guests from former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke to Republican strategist Rick Wilson.

Catch new episodes below every Wednesday, and be sure to follow all additional shows produced by Old Bull TV here.

Available Episodes

Episode 1: Veepstakes, with Kyle Kondik

Episode 2: The Lean, Mean, GOP Machine with Rick Wilson

Episode 3: How the Midwest Was Won with Ben Wikler

Episode 4: The Doc Is in: Interview with Producer Flip Pidot and Rachel Bitecofer.

Episode 5: Interview with Joaquin Castro, Chuck Rocha, and Stephanie Valencia

Episode 6: Interview with Zerlina Maxwell

Episode 7: DNC Special Part 1, with Jessica Post

Episode 8: DNC Special Part 2, with Shannon Watts and Ezra Levin

Episode 9: DNC Special Part 3, with Guy Cecil

Episode 10: Texas Spectacular Part 1, with Beto O’Rourke