Established in 2014, the Niskanen Center is a libertarian advocacy organization that works to change public policy through direct engagement in the policymaking process. The Niskanen Center’s immigration department seeks a policy counsel to contribute to the department’s growing range of work.

This legal analyst will be an immigration attorney or other attorney with legislative experience. The purpose of this position is to work with the immigration policy director to analyze immigration statutes and regulations and develop new proposals to improve the current legal system. The immigration policy counsel will primarily draft model legislative and administrative reforms and submit comments on proposed regulations.

Key job responsibilities will include:

  1. Reviewing immigration statutes and regulations to propose reform ideas
  2. Overseeing the production of model immigration reform legislation
  3. Reviewing immigration reform bills to propose amendments
  4. Drafting comments on proposed immigration regulations

The ideal candidate will possess the following attributes:

  1. Three-plus years of experience working on immigration policy or law in government or privately, or three-plus years of experience drafting legislation or regulations
  2. Familiarity with immigration statutes and regulations
  3. Ability to creatively and independently solve problems and experience with self-management

Qualified candidates should submit the following materials in one PDF file to Joe Coon, vice president of the Niskanen Center:

  1. Résumé
  2. A cover letter detailing your interest in the organization and your salary requirements
  3. Writing sample that demonstrates an ability to communicate complex concepts to other policy experts

The Niskanen Center’s immigration agenda begins with the premise that legal immigration has positive economic and social benefit to the United States and that it expands the liberty of Americans by allowing them to associate freely with people from other nations. This philosophical perspective animates the Center’s efforts to make legal immigration easier for peaceful immigrants.

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