Policing crowds involves protecting civil liberties while maintaining public safety. The U.S. experience with crowd policing has shown that with mismanagement, these aims can seem mutually exclusive. Yet, as Prof. Edward Maguire of Arizona State University finds in his new report for the Niskanen Center, they can and should be complements. In this panel webinar, four experts with diverse research interests in crowd policing discuss the path the U.S. federal government should take to bring law enforcement practices in line with current research findings.


Omar Wasow (moderator), Assistant Professor of Politics, Pomona College

Edward Maguire, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Arizona State University

Rohini Haar, Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology (School of Public Health) and Human Rights Center Research Fellow (School of Law), University of California, Berkeley

Owen West, Senior Lecturer – Professional Policing Program, Edge Hill University and Chief Superintendent (Ret.), West Yorkshire Police 

Photo credit: iStock