Please join us for the upcoming webinar, “What is the Role of State Capacity and Trust in Pandemic Preparedness?” on June 14 at 4 p.m ET.  

While we are still in the cross-hairs of the COVID crisis, the next pandemic is inevitable. Understanding the “epidemiological mystery” of global COVID responses is essential as governments and NGOs begin to prepare for this eventuality.

Why were many seemingly well-prepared wealthy countries devastated by the virus while poorer countries that appeared bound for disaster suffered less? Why did many response strategies fail to realize their goals?

The Lancet found that infection and fatality rates were lower in countries with higher trust in each other and their governments. Niskanen Senior Fellow Ed Dolan has recently added to these findings by identifying the role of strong state capacity in successful pandemic responses.

To understand the implications of these findings, the Niskanen Center is hosting a panel discussion, “What is the Role of Trust and State Capacity in Pandemic Preparedness?” This webinar brings together leading experts to further discuss the complementary roles of trust and good government in pandemic preparedness.


Danielle Allen, Professor at Harvard University
and the Director of the Edmond J. Safra Center
for Ethics

Thomas Bollyky, Global Health Program
Director and Senior Fellow at the Council on
Foreign Relations

Ed Dolan, Senior Fellow, Niskanen Center

Brink Lindsey, Vice President, Niskanen Center

Kevin Vallier, Associate Professor at Bowling
Green State University and Senior Fellow at
the Niskanen Center

Photo Credit: iStock