Welcome to the roundup of notable coverage of, and announcements from, the world of the Niskanen Center for the week of June 12, 2015.


On Wednesday, Niskanen Center President Jerry Taylor participated in a public discussion about climate change and carbon taxes. At the event, Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Brian Schatz (D-HI) unveiled their “American Opportunity Carbon Tax Fee.” After, Taylor had the opportunity to debate the merits of restricting greenhouse gas emissions with AEI energy and environmental policy scholar Benjamin Zycher. The video of the event can be seen online here. Taylor commented:

“If climate change represents a risk to life, liberty, and property and it is a risk imposed by actions of identifiable parties, it’s the government’s job to enjoin that damage against the life, liberty, and property of its people.”

Taylor’s position was also noted by the Huffington Post (2 Democratic Senators pitch conservatives on supporting a carbon tax), E & E Publishing, (Democrats seek GOP support for carbon tax bill), and Vox (Why some conservatives are still skeptical of a carbon tax).

This week, conservative Republican and successful businessman Jay Faison announced a $165 million campaign run to focus attention on climate change and clean energy, and to help persuade conservatives to change their mind on climate change. Niskanen Center President Jerry Taylor weighed in on the announcement in the Washington Post:

“You’re seeing signs that I haven’t seen before of wealthy Republicans who’ve decided that climate change is a significant problem, the party needs to adjust. We haven’t seen so much of that before.”