Welcome to the roundup of notable coverage and announcements from the Niskanen Center for the week of Friday July 31.

Ryan Hagemann was featured in an article for Tech Times that talks about the future of robotic, self-driving cars.  Mr. Hagemann lays out his predictions for the future of self-driving cars and believes that we will see them on the road by 2025.


The Niskanen Center’s David Bier was quoted in an article for The Week that discusses Rand Paul’s misguided views on immigration and the war on drugs.  In the article, Mr. Bier is cited for pointing out the vast discrepancy between spending for the war on drugs and the war on undocumented immigration.  Using Mr. Bier’s information, the article argues that Sen. Paul’s policies are misguided.  Mr. Bier believes that, rather than take money from the war on drugs to shore up Social Security, money should be taken from the war on immigration.


Ryan Hagemann wrote an article for The Hill describing a new campaign to stop CISA, known as “Fax Big Brother.”  In the article, Mr. Hagemann writes of the campaign’s overarching goal that aims to fax Congress letters that describe constituents’ disagreements with CISA.  The campaign’s use of fax machines is an ironic message that symbolizes how out of touch Congress is with modern technology.  Mr. Hagemann also wrote about the Fax Big Brother campaign in Watchdog this week.


The Niskanen Center was highlighted in an article on Rare discussing Jeb Bush’s climate change policy and how Republicans should address the issue in 2016. The article argues that more Republicans should do more to tackle climate change, and cites the Niskanen Center as an example of the increased support for an effective climate policy on the right.