(July 1, 2020, Washington D.C.) The Niskanen Center commends Rep. Curtis (UT-3), Rep. Castro (TX-20), Rep. Gallagher (WI-8), Rep. Sherman (CA-30), Rep. Hartzler (MO-4), Rep. Suozzi (NY-3), Rep. Rouda (CA-48), Rep. Yoho (FL-3), Rep. Stewart (UT-2), Rep. McAdams (UT-4), Rep. Stefanik (NY-21), Rep. McGovern (MA-2), Rep. Kinzinger (IL-16), and Rep. Malinowski (NJ-7) for introducing the Hong Kong Safe Harbor Act. Coming on the heels of the Hong Kong national security law by the Chinese government to quell dissent, this new legislation would designate permanent residents of Hong Kong as Priority 2 refugees. It would facilitate and expedite the resettlement process for Hongkongers, and coordinate with American allies to ensure the safe resettlement of refugees from Hong Kong fleeing persecution. 

“Hongkongers’ brave stand for democracy and resistance to authoritarianism is inspiring to the free world. Exercising their right to dissent must not lead to reprisals and oppression,” said Kristie De Peña, the Niskanen Center’s Vice President of Policy and Director of Immigration Policy. “The Hong Kong Safe Harbor Act would ensure that the United States remains a beacon of hope to those who value freedom, the rule of law, and the open society.” 

The U.S. refugee resettlement program has safely welcomed millions of refugees into the United States, offering protection to the oppressed, reinvigorating American communities, yielding economic benefits, and advancing U.S. security and foreign policy objectives

“The Hong Kong Safe Harbor Act is keeping with a long tradition of the United States offering safe haven to those fearing persecution. We applaud Rep. Curtis’ bold leadership in standing with Hongkongers. While we abhor the treatment that would compel them to leave, they will undoubtedly make America stronger,” De Peña said.

The Niskanen Center is a nonpartisan think tank that works to advance an open society both through active engagement in the war of ideas and direct engagement in the policymaking process. 


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels