The Niskanen Center is a nonprofit public policy organization dedicated to strengthening liberal democratic governance and promoting widespread prosperity and opportunity. Our vision of market liberalism is rooted in an effective public sector and a competitive private sector and is committed to upholding the principles of a pluralistic and open society that encourages engagement, cooperation, discussion, and learning. 

Named the “The Most Interesting Think Tank in America” by TIME Magazine in 2023, Niskanen provides a constructive and optimistic response to the most daunting challenges Americans face in the 21st century, including slow economic growth; mass incarceration and high crime rates; falling life expectancy; climate change; a nationwide housing shortage; and a dysfunctional immigration system. 

Aptly named after William (Bill) Niskanen, a prominent scholar, economist, and political scientist who never let ideology or partisanship color his interpretation of facts and data, our approach unbundles and recombines good ideas long associated with competing partisan coalitions and appeals to factions on their own terms. 

To learn more about what we do and our most recent accomplishments, please see our 2023 annual report. To dive deeper into our distinctive vision, policy ideas, and approach to advocacy, explore the writings below or visit our “Key Initiatives.”