The Niskanen Center’s Governance work supports an effective public sector that upholds the principles of a pluralistic and open society that encourages engagement, cooperation, discussion, and learning. It complements our long-standing commitment to improving state capacity and extends it to the deliberative institutions that make policy.Our work also helps ensure that our democratic systems function efficiently and securely. 

In our first year, we are focused on two issues. We are seeking to strengthen the national emergency system at the federal level, restoring important checks on abuse while ensuring broader political support for emergency actions taken. At the state level, we advocate for reforms that increase confidence in elections and improve the voting experience for all eligible voters. 

The government’s legitimacy and continued vitality rests on its effective implementation of public policy. When a branch of government fails in this endeavor, the other branches compensate, sacrificing the separation of powers central to a functioning democracy and the protection of individual liberties. 

Healthy democratic governance depends on robust political factions engaging in dynamic compromise. In a time of division and ideological transformation, reforms to the political system should support the formation of new factions and dynamic public policy reform. 

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