Making sense of the post-Trump political landscape…

We are launching the Vital Center podcast at a time in which factions of both the Republican and Democratic parties are struggling to defend the political center against illiberal extremes. America must put forward policies that can reverse our political and governmental dysfunction, advance the social welfare of all citizens, combat climate change, and confront the other forces that threaten our common interests.

The podcast focuses on current politics, but seen in the context of our nation’s history and the personal biographies of the participants. It will highlight the policy initiatives of the Niskanen Center and other non-partisan think tanks and institutions, while drawing upon current academic scholarship and political literature from years past — including Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.’s 1949 classic “The Vital Center.” 

The series will be hosted by Geoffrey Kabaservice, Niskanen’s Director of Political Studies, with the regular participation of Director of Government Affairs Kodiak Hill-Davis and other members of Niskanen’s staff.

We’re launching our inaugural episode on February 17, 2021. You can find all episodes on this webpage, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to your podcasts!


Episode 1: The Forces Behind the Radical Right, with Damon Linker

Episode 2: Why I Left the GOP, with Linda Chavez

Episode 3: The Man Behind the Modern Conservative Movement, with Sam Tanenhaus

Episode 4: Could Women Save the GOP by Running for Office? with Kodiak and Ariel Hill-Davis