Joshua McCabe

Senior Fellow, Poverty and Welfare

Joshua McCabe is an assistant professor of sociology and the assistant dean for social sciences at Endicott College. He is an expert on tax and social policy and author of The Fiscalization of Social Policy: How Taxpayers Trumped Children in the Fight Against Child Poverty (Oxford University Press).

McCabe has previously contributed to the Niskanen Center in support of our work on cash-based solutions to child poverty and household stability, with an eye to the ultimate goal of a fully refundable child allowance. His current project (see: “The Real Source of Teachers’ Struggles” and “Federalism in Blue and Red”) brings to light how fiscal federalism, as currently instituted in FMAP formula and various grant programs, hampers the provision of equitable public services in the poorest parts of the country. Additionally, McCabe’s thoughts on the comparative health systems of the U.S. and Canada provides a fresh perspective on trade-offs associated with popular “Medicare for All” proposals, and suggests a path forward for universal health insurance delivered at the state level.

Joshua's Analysis

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