Kodiak Hill-Davis

Director of Government Affairs

Kodiak Hill-Davis the director of government affairs at the Niskanen Center. The Niskanen Center’s climate agenda begins with the premise that climate change is real and poses a significant threat, and that carbon taxation is the best federal response to climate risk.

In this capacity, Kodiak is responsible for developing the educational and advocacy strategy to advance the Center’s legislative goals for climate policy. She works with wide-range of legislators and coalitions in Washington, D.C.to pursue a pragmatic approach to climate change and to provide an alternative to the proposals of the Green New Deal.

Prior to joining the Niskanen Center, she spent over a decade lobbying the federal government on behalf of municipal governments, transportation authorities, airports, and defense interests at a bi-partisan government relations firm. She currently serves as the political director for Republican Women for Progress and as a co-chair of the Women in Government Relations Transportation and Infrastructure Task Force. Kodiak earned her B.A. in political science from Smith College and her J.D. from George Mason University School of Law.

Kodiak's Analysis

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