Will Wilkinson

Former Vice President

Will Wilkinson was vice president for research at the Niskanen Center, overseeing the Center’s research and publications. His policy work centers on domestic social and economic policy, with a particular focus on economic growth, social insurance, criminal justice reform, and issues around the measurement of freedom, equality, and happiness.

Previously, Wilkinson was a U.S. politics correspondent for The Economist. He was also a research fellow at the Cato Institute, where he wrote on an array of topics, including: Social Security reform, the policy implications of happiness research, and the political economy of inequality. Wilkinson was also a founding editor of Cato Unbound.

Wilkinson is a regular columnist at The New York Times, and his work has also been published in The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Politico, Forbes, Boston ReviewBloomberg View, and Vox.

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