Niskanen aims to provide an environment where new ideas and approaches to complex issues can flourish. For every policy proposal our team publishes, there are always many others circulating in our minds and in our drafts. While we can’t always bring these nascent ideas to full fruition, putting them in the public eye can solicit helpful feedback and inspire peers who are tackling the same problems as Niskanen. 

This is why the Niskanen Center spearheaded the Immigration Idea Incubator. This page features abridged, early-stage analysis that we may expand upon in the future to complement our more formal immigration policy and strategy work. Consider the incubator a window into Niskanen brainstorming sessions. We welcome your thoughts and engagement!


Abolish the requirement to advertise jobs in Sunday newspapers – Cecilia Esterline

Offer H-1B cap exemptions to native speakers of critical languages – Cecilia Esterline

Bolster domestic nurse training initiatives with fees from employment-based immigrant petitions – Cecilia Esterline

Let applicants apply for Temporary Protected Status and work authorization in one form – Matthew La Corte

Bolster domestic nurse training initiatives with fees on employment based immigrant petitions – Cecilia Esterline

Give small businesses a special H-1B allocation – Cecilia Esterline

Mandate that law enforcement officials submit U visa certifications directly to USCIS – Claire Holba

Mid-sized cities are clamoring for migrants – Kristie De Peña

Congress should create a new visa for AI talent from NATO allies – Gil Guerra