We are hiring a Policy Analyst in our Climate Department!

Job Overview
The Niskanen Center seeks an entry-level Policy Analyst to join our growing climate department. Niskanen’s climate program produces original research and policy analysis to make the case for reducing human-caused global warming, promote carbon taxation, and build coalitions supporting a market-based policy agenda for creating a low-carbon economy.

The Policy Analyst will perform high-profile research projects in coordination with senior staff and produce written material and commentary (blog posts, op-eds, letters to the editor) under their own authorship. Niskanen Center policy research is regularly presented in Congressional testimony, cited by legislators and policy influencers, and reported by media outlets. Excellent writing and communication skills are essential, and an entrepreneurial outlook will be rewarded. The Analyst will report to our Director of Climate Policy and will be located in Washington, DC.

The Policy Analyst will be expected to:

  • Develop and maintain knowledge of current climate and energy policy issues and work in support of achieving long-term priorities.
  • Research and write studies, reports, blog posts, and op-eds on climate policy and politics.
  • Assist in expanding the Niskanen Center’s presence in Washington DC, including with Hill actors, academics, and media outlets by participating in briefings, coalition activities, and responding to inquiries.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • 1-3 years of experience analyzing public policy and primary datasets from a rigorous economic, technical, or political perspective.
  • The  ability to work independently, leverage resources, and think creatively.

Competitive salary range, depending on qualifications and experience. Benefits include health and dental coverage, a flexible vacation policy, and professional development opportunities.

The Niskanen Center
The Niskanen Center is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) think tank that works to promote an open society: a social order that is open to political, cultural, and social change; open to free inquiry; open to individual autonomy; open to the poor and marginalized; open to commerce and trade; open to people who may wish to come or go; open to different beliefs and cultures; open to the search for truth; and a government that protects these freedoms while advancing the cause of open societies around the world.

The Niskanen Center works to advance an open society both through active engagement in the war of ideas and direct engagement in the policymaking process. We develop policy proposals, mobilize other groups to support those proposals, promote those ideas to legislative and executive decision-makers, build short- and longer-term coalitions to facilitate joint action, and marshal the most convincing arguments and information in support of our agenda.

Submit cover letter and resume to jobs@niskanencenter.org.