Niskanen’s Deputy Director of Climate Policy, Shuting Pomerleau, presented her research findings that the U.S. falls into the middle of the pack globally in terms of low-carbon industry. She discussed why it is crucial for the U.S. to implement a border-adjusted carbon tax instead of standalone carbon tariffs.

Following the presentation, Alex Flint moderated a panel discussion with Shuting, Max Gruenig, and Barry Rabe to discuss the latest developments of carbon border adjustments globally – as well as the legislative landscape in the U.S. They also discussed the outlook of climate policies in the U.S.


Shuting Pomerleau, Deputy Director of Climate Policy, Niskanen Center (presenter/panelist)

Alex Flint, Executive Director, Alliance for Market Solutions (moderator)

Max Gruenig, Senior Policy Advisor, E3G (panelist)

Barry Rabe, Professor of Public Policy, Ford School, University of Michigan (panelist)