Young Voices—a project of Students For Liberty—released their first ebook today that features two Niskanen Center policy analysts. The book, A Future for Millennials, features 13 essays offering innovative public policy solutions on issues such as welfare, education, and drug reform. Each chapter analyzes the issues from a millennial perspective.  

In his chapter, Niskanen’s immigration analyst Matthew La Corte investigates the student visa system and discusses possible improvements that would make America more competitive. He writes, “Reforms must be made to unshackle Main Street, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the rest of the U.S. economy, so that all can utilize the skills of talented foreign students who want to proudly call the United States home.”

Technology analyst Ryan Hagemann, in his chapter titled “Twilight on the Electronic Frontier: Why Millennials Will Drive the New Digital Age,” examines how cyberspace has been transformed from a wild frontier to a more settled landscape. He writes, “Twilight is upon the Electronic Frontier. The border between the past and the future is now blurred in cyberspace; the old pioneers and caretakers who still remain must give way to a new generation. The vision this generation embraces will decide the Internet’s future – a vision that will be built upon the foundations established by the early cyber-adventurers.”

You can download a PDF of the E-Book here.