At this briefing, we review how COVID-19 has propelled the discussion on election security to the forefront of efforts to prepare for 2020 general elections. In the $2 trillion coronavirus aid package, $400 million was dedicated to “Election Security Grants” to prepare for, and respond to, coronavirus domestically or internationally. The CARES Act makes progress in ensuring the states are able to effectuate fair and reliable elections, but the changes are just the first step.

Niskanen’s Vice President of Policy Kristie De Peña reviews the provisions of the CARES Act and broadly highlight what improvements should be a part of a “Phase IV” package; Niskanen’s Director of Political Studies, Geoff Kabaservice highlights specifics about proposed solutions, like mail-in voting, and additional voting modalities; and Niskanen’s Director of Government Affairs, Kodiak Hill-Davis, reviews how Capitol Hill is responding to changes in policy and how politics will—as always—play a critical role in reform.

These briefings are for Niskanen Center supporters and our other allies in the philanthropic community. We hope to give you an insider’s perspective regarding what’s happening on Capitol Hill, how Niskanen is informing the legislative and policy debates, and other important topics where our work and engagement relate to the current crisis.