Defense analyst Matthew Fay wrote a piece for War on the Rocks, discussing the “bow wave” and the military balance. Fay’s recent Defense One op-ed was also featured in the outlet’s weekly round-up.


Director of immigration policy David Bier wrote for The Hill that there seems to be a troubling trend of the State Department discriminating against Syrians. Research associate Matthew la Corte wrote two op-eds that appeared in the Huffington Post: one is about the international movement of resettling refugees via private sponsorship which the United States has been slow to adapt. The second piece points out that the United States has only achieved a meager 13 percent of its Syrian refugee resettlement goal.

Technology and Civil liberties

Technology and civil liberties analyst Ryan Hagemann was interviewed by GVH Live about the implications of the Panama Papers. View Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview.