Welcome to the roundup of notable coverage and announcements from the Niskanen Center for the week of Friday July 17.

Matthew La Corte was featured in Students for Liberty, discussing the tenets of Libertarianism and what he sees as the future of the Libertarian movement.  In the article, Mr. LaCorte argues for the Libertarian movement to focus itself on real, incremental changes. He states that although the movement is under a fair amount of resource constraints, it should still focus on directly engaging with the policymaking process in order to gain influence in the halls of Congress.


Niskanen Center’s Jerry Taylor was cited in an article on Environment and Energy Publishing discussing the potential for a carbon tax in the next round of tax reforms.  In it, Mr. Taylor is quoted as saying there is a chance for a carbon tax to come in the form of a deficit reduction package.


Ryan Hagemann was featured in Watchdog, where he penned an op-ed on due process and the SEC when it comes to searching your online communications.  In the article, Hagemann argues that the inconsistent application of the law in cases of people’s privacy online creates holes and flaws that not only invade Americans’ rights, but also put our sensitive data at risk to a hack.


In an article in The Hill, David Bier argues for immigrants who have children in the US to be able to stay in the country.  Mr. Bier argues that although marriage is an important component to consider when determining an immigration policy, there should be an increased focus on those couples who choose to have children in the US because of the lifelong commitment that comes with having a child.

David Bier was also featured in an article from Immigration Works on a new poll from their organization.  The poll found that the majority of Americans are in favor of allowing more immigration into the US.  Immigration Works cited Mr. Bier’s article for the Niskanen Center titled “Americans Support Immigration”, in which he points to a variety of polls showing an increasing trend in public opinion that favors immigration.