Welcome to the roundup of notable coverage and announcements from the Niskanen Center for the week of Friday, October 30.


The Niskanen Center announced that a number of prominent ethnic organizations have signed a letter to President Obama, asking him to consider private sponsorship as a way of bring more Syrian refugees into the U.S. The news was covered by The Huffington Post and Politico.

Niskanen Center research associates Matthew la Corte and Josh Hampson wrote op-eds for the Huffington Post and The Hill, respectively. They each make arguments as to why the U.S. should accept more Syrian refugees.

Civil Liberties/Technology:

The Hill reported that the Save Crypto Campaign’s “We the People” petition exceeded the 100,000 signatures it needed in order to be called to the President’s attention. Niskanen’s civil liberty and cybersecurity analyst Ryan Hagemann is quoted in the piece.

Politico also reported on a Capitol Hill CISA amendment briefing in which the Niskanen Center participated.