Climate Change

In an op-ed for CNN, Niskanen Center President Jerry Taylor argued that there is a moral conservative argument for addressing climate change. He addressed the standard Republican critiques of climate change mitigation, and argued that a free market solution is the best way to address the problem.


Newsweek ran a piece by the Niskanen Center’s David Bier that had originally been posted on our site. In the piece, Mr. Bier argued against the line of reasoning that would reject refugees because taking them in would not solve the problems they are fleeing. Instead, Mr. Bier wrote, accepting refugees is a moral duty.

Civil Liberties / Technology

In a co-authored piece for Morning Consult, Ryan Hagemann and Berin Szoka stated their support for California Governer Brown’s veto of proposed drone regulations. Messrs. Hagemann and Szoka wrote that the veto supported ‘permissionless innovation’ and would allow drone technology to mature without being needlessly restrained by cumbersome regulation.

Mr. Hagemann and Evan Swarztrauber also discussed the California Governor’s drone regulation veto in an article for Watchdog