Welcome to the roundup of notable coverage and announcements from the Niskanen Center for the week of Friday, September 4.

Climate Change:

The Niskanen Center was cited in an article for the Yakima Herald, based in Washington State. Titled ‘Proposal would shift the tax burden on state carbon emissions,’ the article refers to Jerry Taylor’s paper on the conservative argument for a carbon tax. Sarah Hunt, the Niskanen Center’s energy analyst, is quoted: “The truth is we can do something about climate change in a free market way without a lot of government intrusion into people’s lives. If you tied a carbon fee to a rollback of other costly regulations, then conservatives are going to be interested.”


A commentary by Steve Odland, CEO of the Committee of Economic Development, cites the Niskanen Center in a piece for CNBC. Titled, ‘Three Steps the U.S. must take to Energize Job Creation,’ Odland refers to a study done by David Bier showing that two jobs are created in the US for every individual high-skilled immigrant. A synopsis of the study can be read here.

Matthew La Corte wrote an article for RealClearPolicy, arguing that Congress should reform student-visa policy and allow immigrant graduates to stay in the U.S. Mr. La Corte highlights the current restrictive nature of the system, both in terms of time and caps on visas, and how it hurts American competitiveness.

Civil Liberties:

The Niskanen Center’s Ryan Hagemann wrote an article for Watchdog about the various cybersecurity problems that occurred over the summer of 2015 and the steps that should be taken to address America’s cybersecurity issues. Mr. Hagemann particularly emphasizes successes that states have had in addressing cybersecurity concerns, and what the federal government can learn from them.