Welcome to the roundup of notable coverage of, and announcements from, the world of the Niskanen Center.

The launch of the Niskanen Center was hailed by the Wall Street Journal, as an organization “with the aim of influencing policy fights, not just authoring headline-grabbing proposals that go nowhere in Congress.”


Niskanen Center President Jerry Taylor’s ideas for a carbon tax, and explanation of why conservatives should support it, were shared in several news outlets, including E&E Publishing, LLC, Vox Media (why conservatives should consider climate change and why we support climate change), Climate Wire, The Washington Post (how to convince the libertarian and conservative community climate change is a problem and will politicians and activists follow conservative thinkers in wanting to tax carbon?), the Wall Street Journal (introducing our organization and policy positions and a pitch to conservatives for a carbon tax), the Huffington Post (Q&A on a conservative case for a carbon tax and resuming the dialogue on introducing a carbon tax), and Investor’s Business Daily. He also recently discussed this point of view with Mark Tercek, president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy.

As the Niskanen Center continues to advance this work, our unique contributions to the free market movement have been recognized by the media and other policy organizations. Among these recognitions was the nomination of Jerry Taylor to the Washington Examiner’s list of New Voices for 2015:

“With their goal of securing libertarian-friendly laws and regulations, ‘concrete deliverables,’ and at least one major presidential candidate wearing his libertarianism as a badge of pride, Jerry Taylor and the Niskanen Center are sure to have an impact.”

In a speech given on the Senate floor, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) mentioned Niskanen Center President Jerry Taylor and arguments for a carbon tax. He also highlights a long list of other conservative voices calling for such a fee.


Defense policy scholar Matthew Fay continued to advance the Niskanen Center’s policy positions. Notably, his thoughts on reintroducing competition amongst the military services were published in Real Clear Defense. He also offered his thoughts on the validity of the Pentagon’s claim that a readiness issue resulted from sequestration on Michael D. Ostrolenk’s radio show.


Immigration policy analyst David Bier discussed recent policy news, including Hillary Clinton’s remarks on immigration status, how immigration benefits America’s middle class, and President Obama’s role in illegal child immigration, in opinion pieces published by The Hill.