800,000 individuals (Dreamers) who “were brought to this country as children and know only this country as home” could for the first time live in America and participate fully in all aspects of our society without the constant and crippling fear of deportation. DACA is a concrete and essential example of America fulfilling its centuries-old promise to welcome people from around the world seeking a better and a freer life. And no group is more deserving of that welcome than the Dreamers.

In addition to these invaluable intangible benefits, DACA has produced—and is continuing to produce—important benefits for America’s companies and for our economy as a whole. Employment of Dreamers expands work opportunities for everyone, because employment is not a zero-sum game. Dreamers are filling vacancies at companies that cannot find enough workers to fill their needs. And Dreamers’ wages lead to higher tax revenues and expansion of our national GDP—producing new jobs for all Americans. Enjoining DACA will inflict serious harm on U.S. companies, all workers, and the American economy as a whole. Every day DACA is enjoined, approximately 1,700 people will lose their jobs.

Since the nation’s founding, immigrants have been an integral part of the fabric of our country, enhancing the lives and prosperity of all Americans. Immigrants’ contributions to the U.S. economy are well-recognized: For example, companies founded by immigrants or their children generate over $4.8 trillion in annual revenue, and employ approximately one in 10 American workers.

For these reasons, the Niskanen Center is pleased to sign onto this amicus brief filed in the Southern District of Texas in support of DACA. You may access the full brief here.

By Jnn13 [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], from Wikimedia Commons