Niskanen’s original research is widely recognized for its accuracy and importance to our policy work. Niskanen’s Jeremy L. Neufeld, Shuting Pomerleau, and Robert Orr discuss their ongoing research projects moving forward.

Jeremy L. Neufeld recently published research investigating how immigration to countries like the United States improves the well-being of immigrants and those they leave behind. The research also explored what factors control the scale and distribution of those gains and what that means for informing policy decisions.

Shuting Pomerleau discusses the border adjustment mechanisms in a number of recent carbon bills, why they are important for a carbon tax, and what are some key policy design considerations.

And finally, Robert T. Orr’s ongoing research concerns barriers to providing affordable healthcare services and promising strategies to address these. Robert’s research pulls together promising solutions to these costly impediments, drawing from both domestic and international experiences. These solutions include: health licensing reforms, streamlining health worker education, and expanding practice authority for non-physician health providers. This research is pertinent to policymakers at both the state and federal levels.