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What We Believe

The Niskanen Center is dedicated to providing a clear-eyed view of the political and policy terrains. We believe that it is crucial to understand the landscape within which public policy is made. We address questions such as: 

  • Can moderates win elections and–more importantly– enact balanced, thoughtful policies? 
  • How does polarization on the left and right influence trust in government? 
  • How does the media economy shape our political landscape? 

Matt Grossmann’s Science of Politics podcast provides a biweekly digest of the latest research on these and other questions. We also feature work from political scientists like Steve Teles, Rob Saldin, Kal Munis, and others who explore how progressives, conservatives, and moderates are likely to organize and influence policy in the post-Trump, post-pandemic future, among other topics. 

We hope that our political science work encourages readers and listeners to avoid this pitfall and embrace a data-driven understanding of American politics and policymaking.

Our Experts

Adjunct Fellows

Didi Kuo
Stanford University
Teresa Bejan
Oxford University

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