WASHINGTON D.C., July 24, 2017 – The Niskanen Center is thrilled to welcome Brink Lindsey as Vice President and Director of the Open Society Project. Lindsey brings to Niskanen a wide array of expertise, on subjects ranging from trade policy to economic growth to American cultural and social history.

“I’m so excited to be joining the Niskanen Center. In these challenging times, there is an urgent need for fresh, innovative thinking about politics and policy, and Niskanen is in a great position to answer that need,” Lindsey said. β€œI look forward to working on developing policies that can revive economic dynamism, restore broadly shared prosperity, and reinvigorate our shared commitment to the ideals and institutions of the open society.”

Lindsey will oversee the Center’s activities to rearticulate and uphold the embattled ideals of liberal democracy, including efforts to rally and organize support for liberal norms and institutions against encroaching authoritarian threats. In addition, he will work to formulate a policy agenda for the inclusive growth upon which both economic well-being and political stability depend. A focus area will be special-interest capture of the regulatory process, which is the subject of Lindsey’s upcoming book with Niskanen senior fellow Steven Teles: The Captured Economy: How the Powerful Enrich Themselves, Slow Down Growth, and Increase Inequality.

“Brink Lindsey is a tremendous addition to the Niskanen team,” said Jerry Taylor, president of the Niskanen Center. β€œHe’s a thoughtful and accomplished scholar with deep professional relationships and influence across the political spectrum, and we’re delighted that he brings his important work under the Niskanen banner.”

Before joining Niskanen, Lindsey served as Vice President of Research at the Cato Institute, and was the original editor of Cato Unbound. Lindsey has published numerous books including Human Capitalism: How Economic Growth has Made us Smarter – And More Unequal.

The Niskanen Center is a Washington, D.C.-based libertarian think tank that works to change public policy through direct engagement in the policymaking process.