Niskanen Center Joins Coalition of Privacy Advocates, Security
Experts, and Tech Companies in Opposition to “Surveillance Backdoors”
Letter to President Obama calls for protections of Americans’ access to strong encryption

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Niskanen Center joined today with nearly 150 security experts, technology companies, privacy advocates, and human rights organizations in a letter to President Obama opposing the use of mandatory “surveillance backdoors” that allow government access to Americans’ encrypted data.

“We are proud to stand with a diverse and powerful coalition in support of the American people’s fundamental right to security and privacy. In an era when every detail of our lives is susceptible to data breaches, criminal activity, and surveillance, strong encryption is an important tool in securing our property and maintaining our privacy,” said Niskanen Center vice president Joe Coon. “As an organization dedicated to strengthening civil liberties protections and the promotion of economic growth, the Niskanen Center urges the President to reject any proposal that requires American companies to weaken the security of their products.”

The letter–organized by The Open Technology Institute at New America–was signed by technology industry leaders such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft as well as organizations like the Niskanen Center dedicated to promoting civil liberties, human rights advocates, free press organizations, and dozens of cyber security experts.

The full letter and a list of the coalition of signers can be found here: Encryption Letter to President Obama

Contact: Joe Coon