Louisa Tavlas
Director of Communications
The Niskanen Center
Cell phone: 571-527-6403

WASHINGTON, D.C. – February 16, 2017. The Niskanen Center is pleased to announce the recent hire of David Bookbinder as Chief Counsel, where he will lead the Center’s legal advocacy.

“Across its different policy areas, the Niskanen Center has demonstrated a strong perspective and presence among policy makers on Capitol Hill. In climate particularly, I’ve been impressed with how rapidly it has become a leading voice here in Washington,” Mr. Bookbinder said.  “I look forward to contributing my legal expertise to Niskanen’s existing strengths.”

Bookbinder was an adjunct fellow at the Niskanen Center, before joining full time. He previously worked as an environmental lawyer, a corporate attorney, and most recently for Element VI Consulting, where he offered advice and insights to organizations interested in U.S. climate policy.

The Niskanen Center is a libertarian 501(c)(3) advocacy organization established in 2014 that works to change public policy through direct engagement in the policymaking process.