In response to the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee’s annual FERC Oversight hearing, the Niskanen Center submitted a statement to highlight matters within FERC’s jurisdiction deserving of additional Congressional attention. These encompassed important issues which Niskanen is closely tracking, including: 

  • Best practices the new Office of Public Participation will need to meet their goals to address landowners’ rights concerns;
  • Recommendations around FERC’s reconsidering what constitutes the public interest according to their Certificate Policy Statement analysis when assessing natural gas pipeline proposals; and 
  • Insights into transmission siting obstacles and ways in which FERC and Congress might overcome them. 

The Niskanen Center applauds FERC and Congress for their work in addressing these priorities, and appreciates the opportunity to bring awareness to these areas in which it has demonstrated expertise. Niskanen has a history of engagement with the Commission, Congress, and landowners to help pursue avenues for improvement around FERC jurisdictional matters through advocacy and litigation. 

Please find the entire Statement for the Record here.

Photo by Federico Respini on Unsplash