The United States stands at a critical juncture in modernizing its energy infrastructure. With increasing demand, grid resilience challenges, and the urgent need for decarbonization, multiple studies estimate that a three- to four-fold increase in transmission capacity will be required over the next thirty years. However, the current pace of transmission deployment lags behind.

A linchpin in rapidly deploying transmission is refining the permitting process for critical high-voltage lines that require federal review. There is growing consensus across the political spectrum that processes need to be improved and strengthened yet a lack of evidence and consolidated data on how best to do so.

Through extensive data compilation, interviews with developers and federal officials, and in-depth case studies, we’ve identified key insights and recommendations to overcome barriers and streamline the path to transmission deployment. We discuss actionable steps to improving transmission permitting, while protecting communities, environmental integrity, and the National Environmental Policy Act.

Event Recording

Keynote speaker

Jeff Dennis, Deputy Director for Transmission at DOE’s Grid Deployment Office


Ted Boling, Partner, Perkins Coie


Johan Cavert, Transmission Policy Analyst, Niskanen Center
Megan Gibson, Chief Counsel, Niskanen Center
Nicole Pavia, Program Manager for Clean Energy Infrastructure Deployment, Clean Air Task Force
Alex Breckel, Director for Clean Energy Infrastructure Deployment, Clean Air Task Force