The national discourse is rife with forecasts of doom for big cities, as families with children have left them in droves. Still, questions about the threats and opportunities to housing markets in superstar cities remain largely unexplored.

Niskanen senior housing analyst Alex Armlovich recently argued that hybrid work and the reduced demand on transit systems present an overlooked opportunity to gradually build our way out of the housing crisis.

To better understand what to expect in housing markets evolving with remote and hybrid work, the Niskanen Center hosted a panel discussion, “Future of Hybrid Work and the Housing Crisis: Opportunities and Threats.”


Matt Yglesias, Senior Fellow, Niskanen Center

Alex Armlovich, Senior Housing Analyst, Niskanen Center

Daryl Fairweather, Chief Economist, Redfin

Adam Ozimek, Chief Economist, EIG

Photo Credit: iStock