The industrial sector is key to developing the clean energy technologies of the 21st century, but remains a significant source of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. As the United States aims for midcentury decarbonization, it is critical we develop an understanding of the regional, technical, and economic realities of building a low-carbon industrial sector. A major new Niskanen report finds that strategies to decarbonize U.S. industry will vary across regions and sectors, and will require a comprehensive federal and state policy context that encourages the deployment of a wide variety of low-carbon technologies.

This discussion will highlight the main findings of this report, and provide insight on the challenges and benefits of this transition, as well as the technologies and policies that can help decarbonize heavy industry.


Liza Reed

Research Manager, Low Carbon Technology Policy, Niskanen Center


Nader Sobhani

Climate Policy Associate, Niskanen Center

Spencer Nelson

Senior Research Director, ClearPath

Cate Hight

Chief Operating Officer of the Mission Possible Partnership and Principal at RMI

Richard Middleton

CEO and Co-founder of Carbon Solutions LLC

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels