American business leaders recognize how deepening divisions in the United States threaten our future – and are asking what to do about it.


Deepening divisions in the United States, both politically and culturally, pose a threat to our democracy. The issue goes beyond a move to the right within the Republican party or to the left among Democrats, as extremism has marginalized long standing moderate political beliefs in both camps, and bipartisanship has been vilified. Our political system’s polarization and dysfunction harm our business environment and workplace culture. The Niskanen Center and Business for America designed this four-part webinar series to discuss the root causes of political polarization, its social and economic impacts, and what the business community can do to reduce division and have the most significant unifying impact. 


Understanding Polarization: An existential threat to business and democracy

Corporate Civic Responsibility: Why leading businesses want to change our civic culture

Changing Incentives: How business contributes to polarization (and how it can stop)

Policy Solutions: How business can help depolarize politics and incentivize moderation


The Niskanen Center works to advance an open society by active engagement in the war of ideas, direct engagement in the policymaking process, and through the courts with amicus briefs and pro bono representation.  Business for America is a pioneer in mobilizing the business community to advocate for a healthy democracy, reducing polarization and voting rights and election integrity at the federal and state level.