This is the first Niskanen COVID-19 briefing to give our supporters and other allies in the philanthropic community an insider’s perspective regarding what’s happening on Capitol Hill, how Niskanen is informing the legislative and policy debates, and other important topics where our work and engagement relate to the current crisis.

Recording Description

The $2 trillion coronavirus aid package offers relief to several groups impacted by COVID-19, including state and local governments, businesses, public health, and education. But individuals will (arguably) be the biggest benefactors of the bill, receiving approximately $560 billion in aid. Niskanen’s work on child benefits crystalized this month when Republican Senators Romney, Cotton, and Hawley all voiced early support for emergency cash payments to every adult and child in the country. Niskanen’s Director of Poverty and Welfare Sam Hammond will discuss details of the package, and the important changes Niskanen advocated for to reduce the paperwork required to apply for recovery rebates, enhance fiscal stabilization for states amid falling sales revenue, increase SNAP benefits, and expand health coverage for COVID-19. Hammond will discuss the development of the CARES Act, details about the relief package, and how Niskanen plans to impact multiple aspects of the next phase of recovery. 

Leading off our first discussion were Niskanen’s Director of Poverty and Welfare Policy Sam Hammond, Director of Government Affairs Kodiak Hill-Davis, and Senior Fellow Ed Dolan