We educate policy actors about climate science and directly confront climate skeptics.


The public health crisis brought on by COVID-19 was unprecedented and has required flexibility and creativity to address an ever-changing situation. From the beginning, the Niskanen Center has been working to help policymakers grapple with issues on several fronts.

Criminal Justice

The Niskanen Center believes public safety, social order, and the fair and efficient administration of justice are mutually reinforcing ends necessary to maintain a free and open society.

Fiscal and Monetary Policy

The Niskanen Center believes that maintaining a dynamic, technologically-advanced, and globally integrated economy requires two mutually reinforcing macroeconomic policy objectives.


We see universal catastrophic coverage as fully consistent with market-based efforts to increase the efficiency of healthcare delivery, promote innovation, and encourage informed consumer choice.


The Niskanen Center’s immigration agenda begins with the premise that immigration yields economic and social benefits for the United States.


The Niskanen Center’s legal team utilizes litigation and administrative proceedings to hold government leaders, agencies, and large corporations across the country accountable. 

Open Society

The Open Society Project was conceived and established to come to the intellectual and practical defense of cherished ideals and institutions now under siege.

Political Science

The Niskanen Center is dedicated to providing a clear-eyed view of the political and policy terrains. We believe that it is crucial to understand the landscape within which public policy is made.


The Niskanen Center’s approach to markets and the social safety net blends ideas from political traditions that are often seen as antagonistic: (1) the idea that a commercial, cosmopolitan social order is unrivaled at promoting prosperity and (2) justice requires robust social insurance systems that guarantee to all the dignity and autonomy of broadly shared prosperity.

Regulatory Studies

The Niskanen Center focuses on the rampant regulations and government interventions which benefit the entrenched and powerful while reducing economic and individual freedom.