We educate policy actors about climate science and directly confront climate skeptics.

Fiscal and Monetary Policy

The Niskanen Center believes that maintaining a dynamic, technologically-advanced, and globally integrated economy requires two mutually reinforcing macroeconomic policy objectives.

Foreign Policy and Defense

The Niskanen Center’s foreign policy and defense studies department is dedicated to exploring the connections between foreign policy, the military, and a free society.


We at the Niskanen Center see our task as helping to develop specific policies that can make this widely shared goal a reality.


The Niskanen Center’s immigration agenda begins with the premise that immigration yields economic and social benefits for the United States.


Open Society

The Open Society Project was conceived and established to come to the intellectual and practical defense of cherished ideals and institutions now under siege.

Political Science

Although this blog is an organ of the Niskanen Center, it represents the opinions of only one man – its president, Jerry Taylor – and the individual guest bloggers who will appear here from time to time.


From classical liberalism we take the idea that a commercial, cosmopolitan social order is unrivaled at promoting tolerance, innovation, cooperation, and prosperity.

Regulatory Studies

We have identified four major areas of “regressive regulation” that stymie and distort competition while redistributing income and wealth up the socioeconomic scale.


We support a regulatory environment that fully accounts for the risks and benefits of emerging technologies — a critical wellspring for the productivity gains that are the engines of economic growth.