We educate policy actors about climate science and directly confront climate skeptics.

Criminal Justice

The Niskanen Center believes public safety, social order, and the fair and efficient administration of justice are mutually reinforcing ends necessary to maintain a free and open society.

Democracy and Election Security

The Niskanen Center advocates for U.S. democracy and election security policy proposals that strengthen our democratic institutions. 


The Niskanen Center’s immigration agenda begins with the premise that immigration yields economic and social benefits for the United States.


The Niskanen Center’s legal team utilizes litigation and administrative proceedings to hold government leaders, agencies, and large corporations across the country accountable. 

Political Science

A data-driven understanding of the landscape in which public policy is made.

Social Policy

The Niskanen Center Social Policy Team is rooted in a simple but often overlooked premise: that an innovative private sector and a capable public sector are mutually dependent. 

State Capacity

A look at how we can restore the government’s ability to do its job effectively: to raise taxes, maintain order, and provide public goods.