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Over the past two years, the foundations of U.S. democracy and election security were tested like never before. As free, fair, and secure elections are the cornerstone of a healthy democracy, the perpetuation of the myths of voter fraud and a stolen election undermine the credibility of the electoral system and voting. This swell of misinformation culminated in the events of January 6, 2021, a day that visibly and violently shook the seat of the U.S. government.

The singular events of that day understandably mark the most significant blow to our democracy in the minds of many Americans. Yet it is the more subtle and persistent transgressions against democratic institutions that threaten to destabilize our system of government further, regardless of the administration.

In response to these challenges, the Niskanen Center advocates for U.S. democracy and election security policy proposals that strengthen our democratic institutions. By providing access to and insight on center-right democracy and election security information, Niskanen is integral in bringing Republicans to the table on various efforts, and in helping pro-democracy, pro-governance Members of Congress around the cause.

Several guiding principles inform our policy proposals for U.S. democracy and election security. First, we advocate for free, fair, and secure elections without arbitrary or oppressive obstacles to voting. Second, we stand for the separation of powers, the equality of the branches of government, and the system of checks and balances outlined in the Constitution. Finally, we are committed to the deliberative process of governance, bipartisanship, and compromise.

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