We applaud the bipartisan group of Senators who have invested weeks of hard work to negotiate a border security compromise. Despite facing opposition and resistance from their parties and leaders, Senators Chris Murphy, James Lankford, and Kyrsten Sinema have continued to work towards a solution palatable to Members on both sides of the aisle while ensuring that Congress can ultimately unlock much-needed supplemental funding to aid our allies. 

The Niskanen Center supports the broad contours of the proposed deal and commends the ongoing effort to find a compromise. The U.S. must better regulate the flow of migration at our southern border and improve the safety and security of migrants and Americans. Recent polling demonstrates that Americans of all political affiliations want to see Congress take action on the issue.

We look forward to closely reviewing the legislative text but remain committed to endorsing any bipartisan immigration reform package that serves the nation’s best interests, safeguards the border, and can secure 60 votes in the Senate.