A discussion and Q&A on recapturing green cards with immigration policy analyst Jeremy L. Neufeld and Niskanen’s Kristie De Peña.

When FY 2021 came to a close, more green cards went unused than any year on record. Without congressional action, 2021’s historic green card waste will only exacerbate already agonizingly long waiting times for the millions of people stuck in immigration backlogs.

At least four bills before Congress would address this long-standing issue by recapturing unused green cards: the House’s version of the Build Back Better Act (H.R.5376), the Preserving Employment Visas Act (S.2828), the DHS FY22 Appropriations Act (H.R.4431), and the U.S. Citizenship Act (S. 348) all include recapture provisions, but each proposal differs on the details. 

Jeremy and Kristie dive into the differences between each of the recapture proposals before Congress, examine the details of the populations helped by each proposal, and discuss each proposal’s political prospects and challenges.



Jeremy L. Neufeld

Immigration Policy Analyst

Kristie De Peña

Vice President for Policy and Director of Immigration Policy