A new report from the Clean Air Task Force and the Niskanen Center finds that the current piecemeal, project-by-project approach to expanding U.S. electricity transmission won’t get clean energy infrastructure built fast enough to decarbonize in the years to come. Instead, it calls for a new system to rapidly scale capacity, potentially establishing a National Transmission Organization that would plan, site, and fund a national grid to ensure that burdens and benefits are fairly shared.

This conversation—moderated by Lindsey Griffith of Clean Air Task Force, with U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Chairman Richard Glick—discusses the report’s conclusions, the benefits and limitations of FERC involvement, and the way forward.


Richard Glick, Chairman, United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Lindsey Griffith, Federal Policy Director, Clean Air Task Force

Photo by NASA on Unsplash