The Niskanen Center Social Policy Team is rooted in a simple but often overlooked premise: that an innovative private sector and a capable public sector are mutually dependent. Robust social insurance systems protect and uplift those hurt by economic shocks and misfortune while avoiding regulatory approaches to social protection that undermine market dynamism. Find the entirety of our work on the Child Tax Credit below.

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Report: The Conservative Case for a Child Allowance2/4/2021
The Fiscalization of Social Policy6/18/2018
Reclaiming the GOP legacy on the child tax credit6/2/23
What Senator DeWine can teach Governor DeWine about family tax policy4/26/23
Connecticut should reform their EITC in conjunction with proposed child tax credit3/28/23
New Mexico child tax credit expansion needs simplification3/1/23
New York’s proposed Working Family Tax Credit is the boldest reform yet2/14/23
Minnesota’s proposed child tax credit is good but could be great2/13/23
The state of our families: Child and dependent tax benefits in the states2/8/23
A primer on options for a Child Tax Credit compromise12/9/22
Counting a child benefit as income would cause a painful domino effect11/3/22
Family Tax Benefit Reform is Long Overdue10/24/22
Census Bureau data shows that child benefit expansions reduce child poverty9/15/2022
Comparing Rubio and Romney’s child benefit proposals7/26/2022
Indexing the Child Tax Credit is long overdue7/25/2022
Why People are Fighting Over Social Security Numbers 7/20/2022
How to Fix Marriage Penalties Without Leaving Single Parents Behind7/18/2022
Child tax credit proposal would strengthen state’s pro-family standing5/26/2022
Baby Steps in the War on Child Poverty5/4/2022
State-level CTC reforms can strengthen American families4/26/2022
Requiem for the Child Tax Credit4/25/2022
Strengthening Family Tax Benefits in Massachusetts 4/14/2022
Bipartisan reform options for the Child Tax Credit4/13/2022
To Help Children, Democrats Are Going to Have to Reach Across the Aisle4/12/2022
Philanthropy Transcended Political Polarization to Help Pass an Expanded Child Tax Credit. It Can Do It Again.3/8/2022
An Expanded Child Tax Credit Aids Entrepreneurship3/3/2022
WEBINAR: How Do Child Tax Credits Impact Labor Supply?2/17/2022
Will the Child Tax Credit’s effect on work decrease its impact?2/8/2022
Why Child Tax Credit expansions should prioritize younger children2/3/2022
Cash benefits to low-income families may aid babies’ cognitive development1/25/2022
Meeting Manchin in the Middle1/13/2022
A look at the final monthly CTC payments1/12/2022
Lies, Damned Lies, and Child Poverty Statistics1/5/2022
Let’s make sure this week’s Child Tax Credit payment isn’t our last12/15/2021
Biden’s child care proposal is broken. Consider properly funding the Child Tax Credit instead12/14/2021
Issues in Child Benefit Administration in the United States12/3/2021
Reevaluating The Child Tax Credit: A Response to the Becker-Friedman Institute10/8/2021
Five Reasons the Child Tax Credit Shouldn’t Have a Work Requirement10/1/2021
Report: Measuring the Child Tax Credit’s Economic and Community Impact8/2/2021
Press release: Child Tax Credit expansion will support half a million jobs, drive spending growth in rural America8/2/2021
Lead us not into temptation: How the Child Tax Credit creates healthier families7/15/2021
Five Facts About the Child Tax Credit6/21/2021
Administering a Child Benefit Through the Tax Code: Lessons for the IRS from Abroad5/27/2021
Introducing the Tax Credit Reform Calculator3/3/2021
Tax Credit Reform Calculator3/3/2021
Biden’s Child Credit Puts Republicans in a Bind | Opinion2/25/2021
A Child Allowance Could Be Worth Eight Times the Costs2/23/2021
Factsheet: Senator Romney’s Family Security Act2/4/2021
Misunderstanding Refundable Tax Credits1/20/2021
How the Bruenig Benefit Can Keep Families Whole1/14/2021
How to help families recover from the pandemic disaster1/12/2021
New research finds the Child Tax Credit promotes work12/10/2020
Family Allowances are the Conservative Alternative to Paid Family Leave7/18/2018
The Free-Market Welfare State: Preserving dynamism in a volatile world5/1/2018
Cash is Superior to Child Care6/26/2017
Bad Arguments Against a Child Allowance5/11/2017
The Pro-work Case for Universal Basic Income1/4/2017